March 25, 2008 


Bayside Baptist Church

7547 Hancock Drive, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-0500

Central Bible Church

1203 Hwy 90 BAY ST. LOUIS,MS 228-467-0529

Christ Episcopal Church

912 S Beach Blvd Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-7757

Church of Christ Bay St Louis

501 Pine Street, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-9645

Faith Assembly of God

18701 Highway 43, Kiln, MS 228-255.2567

First Baptist Church

141 Main Street, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-4005

First Presbyterian Church

114 ULMAN AVENUE BAY ST. LOUIS,MS 228-467-3921

Jehovah’s Witnesses

759 Causeway Drive, Biloxi, MS 228-388-2805

Lagniappe Presbyterian Church

647 Demontiuzin Ave, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-3987

Main Street United Methodist Church

162 Main Street, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-4538

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church

407 Sycamore, Bay St Louis, MS 228-466-4849

Our Lady of the Gulf Church

228 S Beach Blvd, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-6509

Powerhouse of Deliverence

1978 Washington Rd, Bay St Louis, MS 228-466-3841

St Rose DeLima Church

301 S Necaise Ave, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-7347

Shoreline Park Baptist Church

10121 Kiln-Waveland Cut-off Rd, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-9461

Valenca C Jones United Methodist Church

Sycamore Street, Bay St Louis, MS 228-467-9629


Abundant Life Evangelistic Center

172 Rodenberg Avenue, Biloxi, MS 228-436-6255

Amazing Grace Ministries

1783 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS 228-432-7050

Back Bay Mission United Church of Christ

1012 Division Street, Biloxi, MS 228-432-0301

Bay Vista Baptist Church

2485 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS 228-388-1166

Beauvoir United Methodist Church

2113 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS 228-388-1478

Bethel Lutheran Church ELCA

2521 Pass Road Biloxi, Ms 228-388-1226

Big Ridge Baptist Church

Big Ridge Road, D’Iberville, MS 228-392-4387

Biloxi Christian Church

14800 Big Ridge Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-875-0506

Biloxi Islamic Center

205 Keller Avenue, Biloxi, MS 228-432-7650

Blessed Francis Seelos

360 Lameuse Street, Biloxi, MS 228-374-0117

Branch of Rightousness Fellowship

15105 Lemoyne Blvd, d’Iberville, MS 228-396-9555

Brodie Road Baptist Church

4572 Brodie Road, d’Iberville, MS 228-392-0952

Calvary Chapel

792 Howard Avenue, Biloxi, MS 228-267-9673

Catholic Diocese of Biloxi Adm Office

1790 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi, MS 228-702-2100

Cedar Lake Christian Assembly

1/2 Mile North of I-10 on Cedar Lake Road BILOXI,MS 228-392-6279

Cedar Lake United Methodist Church

12332 Cedar Lake Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-9585

Christ the Redeemer Church of the Living God

318 Commerce St, Gulfport, MS 228-604-1222

Christian Worship Center

14384 3rd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-831-9728

Church of Christ

154 Rodenberg Avenue, Biloxi, MS 228-432-7372

Church of God-Biloxi

1877 Popps Ferry Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-388-3969

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

14928 Big Ridge Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-1886

Church of Scientology

837 Vieux Marche Mall, Biloxi, MS 228-436-6900

Church of the Nazarene

14700 Big Ridge Rd, Biloxi, MS 9228)875-0860

Church of Vietnamese Martarys

163 Oak St BILOXI,MS 228-374-1116

Coast Community Church

8324 Woolmarket Road, Biloxi, MS 228-392-2087

Coalville United Methodist Church

12298 Shorecrest Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-5970

Crossroads Baptist Church

17480 Lamey Bridge Road, Biloxi, MS 228-392-5511

D’Iberville Christian Assembly

3496 Big Ridge Road, D’Iberville, MS 228-392-1285

East Howard Baptist Church

241 Howard Ave, Biloxi, MS 228-432-1022

Edgewater Christian Fellowship

2750 Mission Lane, Biloxi, MS 228-388-7660

Emmanuel Baptist Church

341 Rodenberg Ave. BILOXI,MS 228-432-7136

Emmanuel Baptist Church of Faith

282 Reynoir Street, Biloxi, MS 228-374-5100

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

1904 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi, MS 228-436-3123

Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

610 Water Street, Biloxi, MS 228-436-6495

First Baptist Church-Biloxi

1560 Popps Ferry Road, BILOXI,MS 228-396-8500

First Missionary Baptist Church

306 Main Street, Biloxi, MS 228-432-7295

First Pentecostal Church of Biloxi

1907 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi, MS 228-395-1001

First Presbyterian Church PCA

1340 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, MS 228-374-6880

First United Conference

2300 28th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-867-6399

First United Gospel Assembly

2810 22nd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-3922

First United Methodist Church

124 Hopkins Blvd, Biloxi, MS 228-436-4371

Fountain of Life Tabernacle Church

Hwy 49, Lyman, MS 228-832-1452

Full Gospel Tabernacle

3109 Bachman Road, D’Iberville, MS 228-392-1628

Genesis JCA Church of Restitution

3010 Highland Avenue, D’Iberville, MS 228-392-4999

Grace Bible Church

1211 Father Ryan Avenue, Biloxi, MS 228-432-0151

Greater Grace Apostolic Assembly

240 Forrest Avenue, Biloxi, MS 228-432-0026

Greater St John African Methodist Episcopal Church

551 Division St, Biloxi, MS 9228)432-2874

Gulf Coast Family Church of the Nazarene

14700 Big Ridge Rd BILOXI,MS 228-875-0860

Gulf Coast Seventh-Day Adventist Church

13301 Hwy 67, Biloxi, MS 228-392-5323

Heritage Baptist Church

15368 Highway 67, Biloxi, MS 228-392-1961

Heritage United Methodist Church

4322 Popps Ferry Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-4288

Jehovah’s Witnesses of Ocean Springs

6813 Cheyenne Rd, D’Iberville, MS 228-392-4816

Korean Baptist Church

357 Forrest Avenue, Biloxi, MS 228-432-7672

LaRue Baptist Church

19405 Old Biloxi Road, Biloxi, MS 228-392-9934

Lemoyne Blvd Baptist Church

15005 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-3241

Lighthouse Apostolic

769 Division Street, Biloxi, MS 228-374-0099

Lighthouse Baptist Church

7226 Gorenflo Rd, D’Iberville, MS 228-392-7184

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

2004 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS 228-388-5767

Main Street Baptist Church

321 Main Street, Biloxi, MS 228-432-8648

McClellan Road Baptist Church

15020 McClellan Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-5239

Mississippi Korean Baptist Church

337 Forrest Ave BILOXI,MS 228-388-9499

Nativity B.V.M. Cathedral Parish

870 Howard Avenue BILOXI,MS 228-374-1717

New Bethel Baptist Church

325 Nixon Street, Biloxi, MS 228-432-8012

New Covenent Ministries

10253-A D’Iberville Blvd, D’Iberville, MS 228-354-9040

New Life Family Church

362 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi, MS 228-392-3756

North Biloxi Baptist Church

13181 Hwy. 15 (N. Biloxi) BILOXI,MS 228-392-3756

Northside Assembly of God Church

14901 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-3263

Northwood Christian Center

14281 O’Neal Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-5100

Our Lady of Fatima Parish

2090 Pass Road BILOXI,MS 228-388-3887

Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church

800 Division Street, Biloxi, MS 228-435-0007

Popps Ferry Baptist Church

2000 Popps Ferry Road BILOXI,MS 228-388-9172

Prince of Peace Baptist Church

14436 udson_Krohn Road, Biloxi, MS 228-392-3532

River of Life, Assembly of God

362 Popps Ferry Road BILOXI,MS 228-388-5183

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

10446 Lemoyne Blvd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-4526

St John’s Catholic Church

724 Bradford Street, Biloxi, MS 228-435-0560

St Mary’s Catholic Church

8343 Woolmarket Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-1999

St Michael's Church

177 1st St BILOXI,MS 228-435-5578

St Paul United Methodist Church

696 Washington Loop, Biloxi, MS 228-432-0247

Salvation Army-Biloxi

575 Division Street, Biloxi, MS 228-374-8301

Temple Baptist Church

1860 Popps Ferry Road, Biloxi, MS 228-388-3077

The Redemptourists

803 Division Street, Biloxi, MS 228-435-7222

Trinity Baptist Church

156 Camellia Street, Biloxi, MS 228-388-4818

Trinity Bible Church

at River Oaks 9095 W Oaklawn Road, Biloxi, MS 228-392-6202

Woolmarket Baptist Church

12816 Lorraine Rd, Biloxi, MS 228-392-5622


Beth Israel Congregation

Sabbath worship held at the Beauvoir United Methodist Church on Firdays at 7:30 p.m. 2113 Pass Road, Biloxi, MS 228-388.5574

Buddist Churches

Vietnamese Buddist Congregation

179 Oak Street, Biloxi, MS 228-435-0737

Greek Orthodox Churches

The Holy Trinity

255 Beauvoir Road, Biloxi, MS 228-388-6138


Anointed Temple AOH Curch of God

3475 34th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-863-7998

Apostolic Church of Grace

44913 Arkansas Ave, Gulfport, MS 228-863-3800

Bel-Aire Baptist Church

Dedeaux Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-1966

Bethel Apostolic United Pentecostal Church

14434 Churst Street, Gulfport, MS 228-53-3321

Bible Baptist Church

12200 Dedeaux Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-4524

Bible Way Baptist Church

1901 22nd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-0885

Biloxi River Baptist Church

13340 Rene Avenue, Gulfport,MS 228-539-0007

Broadmoor Baptist Church

1902 Kelly Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-4489

Burton Memorial United Methodist Church

2419 22nd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-3337

Campground Baptist Church

20577 Highway 53, Lyman, MS 228-832-9016

Center for International Seamen and Truckers

2421 49th Ave, Gulfport, MS 228-868-2525

Central Power Christian Worship Center

14384 3rd Ave, Gulfport, MS 228-831-9728

Christ the Redeemer Church of the Living God

318 Commerce St, Gulfport, MS 228-604-1222

Christian Missionary Baptist Church

4113 Harrison Drive, Gulfport, MS 228-863-1680

Christian Science Society

1517 21st Ave GULFPORT,MS 228-863-5506

Christian Worship Mission

15293 Van Buren Street, Gulfport, MS 228-822-2700

Church of Christ

2900 22nd Avenue. GULFPORT,MS 228-863-7796

Church of Christ Orange Grove

Hwy 49, Orange Grove, MS 228-832-2834

Church of God-Gulfport

2416 29th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-864-3882

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints

11148 Klein Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-832-3689

Church of the King-Gulf Coast

1071 Three Rivers Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-328-1516

Community of Christ

12523 Old Hwy 49, Gulfport, MS 228-832-4778

Covenent of Peace Church

13600 John Clark Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-832-3458

Cowan Road Baptist Church

425 Cowan Lorraine Road, Gulfport, MS 228-896-8250

Crosspoint Church

11163 Highway 49, Gulfport, MS 228-328-2481

Crossroads Christian Center Assembly of God

14374 Dedeaux Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-832-9357

Crossroads Community Church

22331 Hwy 53, Lyman, MS 228-831-0101

Ebenezer Baptist Church

8251 34th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-4453

Eckankar Religion of the Light & Sound of God

1208 E Pass Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-897-1600

Evangelistic Crusade Church of God & Christ

2323 29th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-863-3722

Faith Baptist Church

8467 Canal Road, Gulfport, MS 228-863-6993

Faith Missionary Baptist Church

3050 19th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-868-0059

Faithview Baptist Church

Saucier, MS 228-832-3015

Family Worship Center

12100 Hwy 49, Gulfport, MS 228-831-0619

Fernwood Baptist Church

2307 E Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 228-896-4556

First Assembly of God

2600 22nd Ave GULFPORT,MS 228-863-6205

First Baptist Church

516-A Courthouse Road, Gulfport, MS 228-863-8501

First Baptist Church of Lizana

23132 Highway 53, Lyman, MS 228-832-6519

First Baptist Church of Saucier

Saucier, MS 228-539-3111

First Christian Church

2111 15th St GULFPORT,MS 228-864-1165

First Community Church

3280 39th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-9182

First Church of the Nazarene

1901 22nd Ave GULFPORT,MS 228-863-1476

First Missionary Baptist Church of Handsboro

1100 E. PassRoad GULFPORT,MS 228-896-1299

First Pentecostal Church

2601 17th Avenue, Gulfport,MS 228-863-5638

First Pentecostal Church of Orange Grove

11317 Old Hwy 49, Gulfport, MS 228-831-4542

First Presbyterian Church

PCA 2210 Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 228-863-0488

First United Methodist Church

2301 15th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-863-0047

First United Pentecostal Church

2601 17th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-5638

Forrest Heights Baptist Church

5215 Ohio Ave, Gulfport, MS 228-864-7112

Fountain of Life Tabernacle Church

Highway 49, Lyman, MS 228-832-1452

Friendship Baptist Church

4504 Wisconsin Ave, Gulfport, MS 228-868-9687

Full Gospel Holiness Church

8226 Mississippi Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-8856

Gateway United Methodist Church

16020 S Swan Road, Lyman, MS 228-832-0135

Grace Chapel Church

15453 Landon Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-6607

Grace Memorial Baptist Church

2301 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-5096

Grace Temple Baptist Church

3916 15th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-868-1729

Greater Freewill Church of God in Christ

4556 Old Pass Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-863-8981

Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church

4303 Tennessee Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-832-9377

Greater Mount Rest Baptist Church

3725 34th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-575-8588

Gulf Coast Free Will Baptist Church

13040 Three Rivers Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-0883

Gulf Gardens Baptist Church

1415 38th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-2210

Gulf Haven Mennonite Church

21497 Mennonite Rd, Lyman, MS 228-832-0003

Gulfport Full Gospel Baptist Church

1809 Henderson Ave, Gulfport, MS 228-864-4494

Handsboro Baptist Church

1421 Pass Rd. GULFPORT,MS 228-896-3796

Handsboro Presbyterian Church

1904 E Pass Rod, Gulfport, MS 228-896-6619

Handsboro United Methodist Church

2333 Demaret Drive, Gulfport, MS 228-896-7264

Haven Chapel

1910 Mills Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-6022

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church MO SYNOD

505 Cowan Lorraine Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-896-5878

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

14469 Old Hwy 49, Gulfport, MS 228-832-4136

Klein Road Church of God

11392 Klein Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-8755

Little Rock Baptist Church

4538 Old Pass Rd GULFPORT,MS 228-864-1255

Living Word Church

22399 Hwy 49, Saucier, MS 228-539-9199

Maranatha 7th Day Adventist Church

730 Georgia St GULFPORT,MS 228-863-6651

McDowell Memorial Church of God & Christ

3708 19th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-868-1275

Mercy Seat Baptist Church

1541 20th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-864-2814

Michael Memorial Baptist Church

15053 John Clark Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-1709

Mississippi City United Methodist Church

450 E Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 228-896-7626

Morning Star Baptist Church

1440 20th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-863-8526

Morris Road Church of Christ

14161 Morris Road, Orange Grove, MS 228-832-2834

Mount Bethel Baptist Church

2100 30th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-3192

Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

10314 Canal Road GULFPORT,MS 228-832-7131

Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church

14255 Rippy Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-863-2709

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Riley Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-896-3455

New Evening Star Baptist Church

4302 Illinois Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-863-1512

New Hope Baptist Church

15159 Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd, Gulfport, MS 228-864-4137

New Hope Baptist Church

17430 Landon Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-1975

New Jerusalem Baptist Church

3302 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-6272

Northwood Christian Center

14281 O’Neal Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-5100

Nugent United Methodist Church

13183 John Clark Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-6145

Olivet Baptist Church

11924 Klein Rd, Orange grove, MS 228-832-3104

O’Neal Road Baptist Church

14049 O’Neal Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-4246

Orange Grove Congregation of Jehovah’s Witness

12304 Three Rivers Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-831-0912

Orange Grove Presbyterian Church

16148 Robinson Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-831-4585

Pass Road Baptist Church

208 Pass Road, Gulfport, MS 228-863-1697

People Mission Baptist Church

5101 Arkansas Ave, Gulfport, MS 228-868-2033

Pillar of Truth Christian Ministries

1400 Stewart Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-868-8687

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

Highway 49, Saucier, MS 228-832-0108

Poplar Head United Methodist Church

13196 Poplarshead Rd, Lyman, MS 228-832-0780

Progressive Baptist Church

3113 20th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-864-5674

Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church

12472 Dedeaux Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-832-5849

Riley Chapel United Methodist Church

1107 Church Street, Gulfport, MS 228-896-3316

River of Life Church of God

John Clark Road, Lyman, MS 228-832-4743

Robinson Road Baptist Church

20035 Robinson Road, Lyman, MS 228-832-9695

Robinwood Baptist Church

17076 W Wortham Road, Saucier, MS 228-832-2727

St Alphonsus Catholic Church

502 Jackson Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-5419

St Andrews Church of God in Christ

4711 Tennessee Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-4976

St Ann Catholic Church

Gulfport, MS 228-832-2560

St Andrews African Methodist Episcopal Church

2516 Madison St, Gulfport, MS 228-868-9608

St Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church

4900 Riley Road, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-0654

St James Baptist Church

604 25th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-863-0356

St James Catholic Church

366 Cowan Lorraine Rd, Gulfport,MS 228-896-6059

St. John Parish

2414 17th Street GULFPORT,MS 228-864-2272

St Joseph Catholic Church

12290 Depew Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-3244

St Luke’s Anglican Church

555 Cowan Lorraine Rd, Gulfport, MS 228-896-7430

St Luke Missionary Baptist Church

14071 O’Neal Road, Gulfport, MS 228-832-6627

St Mark United Methodist Church

3350 28th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-864-3927

St Mark’s Episcopal Church

123 Church Avenue Gulfport, MS 228-896-7597

St Matthew Evangelical Church

1301 31st Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-6264

St Paul Baptist Church

14441 Church Street, Lyman, MS 228-831-2530

St Peter’s By the Sea Episcopal Church

Gulfport, MS 228-863-2611

St Theresa Catholic Church

3521 19th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-863-0624

St Thomas Catholic Church

5557 Daugherty Road, Long Beach, MS 228-863-1610

St Vincent De Paul Society

366 Cowan Road, Gulfport, MS 228-896-3957

Salvation Army-Gulfport

2019 22nd Street, Gulfport, MS 228-868-1188

Saucier Church of Christ

23462 Hwy 49, Saucier, MS 228-832-1776

Saucier United Methodist Church

24135 Church Avenue, Saucier, MS 228-832-3737

Seashore District Office-United Methodist Church

1509 24th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-5025

Second Sweet Home Baptist Church

15139 Tyler Street, Gulfport, MS 228-864-8837

Success Baptist Church

22329 Hwy 67, Saucier, MS 228-832-8385

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

1816 Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd, Gulfport, MS 228-864-9705

Tabernacle of Faith Ministries

3280 39th Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-867-6360

Temple Baptist Church

14190 Dedeaux Rd ORANGE GROVE,MS 228-832-3209

Temple of Living Waters

14426 Creosote Road, Gulfport, MS 228-864-8498

The Way Christian Ministries

15114 O’Neal Road, Gulfport, MS 9228)539-2663

Trinity United Methodist Church

5007 Lawson Avenue Gulfport, MS 228-863-2717

True Deliverence Evangelistic Outreach Mission

2727 22nd Ave, Gulfport, MS 9228)864-6106

Trumpet in Zion Fellowship Inc

3014 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, MS 228-864-4754

Unitarian Universalist Church

76 48th Street, Gulfport, MS 228-868-1233

Unity of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Gulfport, MS 228-896-3778

Westminster Presbyterian Church

5005 Lawson Avenue, Gulfport, MS 9228)864-3143


Christ the King Catholic Church

10601 Daisy Vestry Rd, Latimer, MS 228-392-0340

Latimer Assembly of God

LATIMER, 228-392-7077


Carl Nichols - Seven Student Ministries

LONG BEACH,MS 228-868-9500

Christ United Methodist Church

6121 Beatline Rd, Long Beach, MS 228-863-4320

Church of Christ

200 N. Cleveland Avenue LONG BEACH,MS 228-863-0471

First Baptist Church

20144 Pineville Rd, Long Beach, MS 228-864-2584

First United Methodist Church

208 Pine Street, Long Beach, MS 228-863-9619

Gates Avenue Fellowship

5574 Gates Avenue, Long Beach, MS 228-214-5111

Grace Lutheran Church

19221 Pineville Road, Long Beach, MS 228-864-4248

Greater Love Fellowship Baptist Church

3706 W Railroad Street, Gulfport, MS 9228)865-4455

Gulf Coast Worship Center

28th Street, Long Beach, MS 228-868-9500

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness

Daugherty Rd, Long Beach, MS 228-452-4729

Long Beach Church of Christ

200 N Cleveland Avenue, Long Beach, MS 228-863-0471

Long Beach Community Church

186 E Old Pass Rd, Long Beach, MS 228-863-7477

Long Beach Presbyterian Church

125 E 2nd Street, Long Beach, MS 228-863-7633

Mt Pilgrim’s Baptist Church

306 Church St, Long Beach, MS 228-864-4408

New Life Church

20201 28th Street, Long Beach, MS 228-863-8697

North Long Beach Baptist Church

7061 Beatline Road, Long Beach, MS 228-864-1258

St Patrick’s Episcopal Church

Long Beach, MS 228-863-7882

St. Thomas Catholic Church

5557 Daughtery Road, LONG BEACH,MS 228-863-1610

Trinity Pentecostal Tabernacle

6146 Beatline Rd, Long Beach, MS 228-867-2040

Unity Center of Practical Christianity

528 Klondyke Road, Long Beach, MS 228-214-0111


Belle Fountain Baptist Church

7900 Fountainbleau Rd, Fountainbleau, MS 228-875-2973

Bellehaven Baptist

8616 Ocean Springs-Vancleave Road, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-1452

Christus Victor Lutheran Church

2755 Bienville Blvd OCEAN SPRINGS,MS 228-875-2446

Church of Christ

1116 Washington Ave OCEAN SPRINGS,MS 228-875-7811

Church of Christ-Eastside

7701 E Hwy 90, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-5239

Crossroads Nazarene Church

6800 Firestone Street, Ocean Springs, MS 228-872-0255

Eastside Church of Christ

Hwy 90 OCEAN SPRINGS,MS 228-875-5239

Emmanuel Baptist Church

401 Holcomb Blvd, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-5391

Faith Christian Center

1710 Government Street, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-7985

First Baptist Church-Oceans Springs

602 Washington Ave, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-4532

First Baptist of Windsor Park

6108 Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-6870

First Presbyterian Church PC(USA)

921 Ocean Ave. OCEAN SPRINGS,MS 228-875-5326

Freewill Missionary Baptist Church

13122 Horseshoe Dr, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-2270

Glad Tidings Assembly of God

7909 Ocean Springs Road, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-7286

Grace Church Gulf Coast

2113 Government Street, Ocean Springs, MS 228-818-2989

Grace Independent Baptist Church

3707 Bienville Blvd, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-2093

Jesus Christ Baptist Church

Hwy 57 Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-0405

Macedonia Baptist Church

1702 Weed Street Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-4008

Neshoba & Joy Apostolic Church

8500 Ocean Springs Rd, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-1004

St Alphonsus Catholic Church

602 Washington Ave OCEAN SPRINGS,MS 228-875-4532

St James Methodist Church

1418 Government Street, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-4823

St John’s Episcopal Church

705 Rayburn at Porter, Ocean Springs, MS (2280875-4454

St Paul United Methodist Church

800 Porter Ave OCEAN SPRINGS,MS 228-815-1003

Victory Full Gospel Baptist Church

8401 Ocean Springs Rd OCEAN SPRINGS,MS 228-875-3131

United Pentecostal Church of Ocean Springs

Ruth St, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-7852

Wesley Church

8900 Old Spanish Trail, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-8900

Woodhaven Baptist Church

Government Street, Ocean Springs, MS 228-875-3971


Annunciation Catholic Church

5370 Kiln-Delisle Rd, Kiln, MS 228-255-1800

Bayou Talla Fellowship

18555 Highway 43, Kiln, MS 228-255-1118

Bible Fellowship Church

7030 Menge Avenue, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-0038

Church of the Good Shepherd

5169 Espy Ave, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-9318

Crane Creek Baptist Church

30040 Crane Creek Road, Pass Christian, MS 228-255-4310

Diamondhead Baptist Church

Diamondhead Dr, Diamondhead, MS 228-255-3348

Diamondhead Church of God

7830 Hilo Place, Diamondhead, MS 228-255-0911

Diamondhead Community Church

5301 Diamondhead Circle, Diamondhead, MS 228-255-5556

Diamondhead United Methodist Church

3505 Noma Dr, Diamondhead, MS 228-255-6888

Faith Assembly of God

18701 Hwy 43 Kiln, MS 228-255-2567

First Baptist Church of Delisle

25305 Cuevas-Delisle Rd, Pass Christian, MS 228-255-6550

First Baptist Church of Pass Christian

322 2nd Street, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-0111

First United Methodist Church

526 E 2nd Street, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-4080

Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church

322 Davis Ave, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-9993

Grace Chapel

9208 Edwin Ladner Rd, Pass Christian, MS 228-255-7587

Highland Baptist Church

8400 Firetower Road, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-7684

Mt Zion United Methodist Church

6846 Kiln-Delisle Road, Pass Christian, MS 228-255-2820

Our Lady of Lourdes

22342 Evangeline Rd, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-7132

Our Mother of Mercy Church

216 Saucier Ave, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-4514

Pineville Presbyterian Church

4476 Menge Avenue, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-9902

Sacred Heart Parish and Church

14595 Vidalia Road, Pass Christian, MS 228-255-3381

St Matthew The Apostle

27074St Matthew Church Rd, Pass Christian, MS 228-255-7720

St Michael Holy Catholic Church

5425 Kalki Drive, Diamondhead, MS 228-5010

St Stephen’s Catholic Church

in Delisle St Stephens Rd, Pass Christian, MS 228-225-1294

St Thomas Episcopal Church

5303 Diamondhead, MS 228-255-9213

Salvation Army-Pass Christian

270 W 2nd Street, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-2121

Trinity Episcopal Church

125 Church Avenue, Pass Christian, MS 228-452-4563

Victory Baptist Church

Highway 603 Pass Christian, MS 228-255-1353

Wolf Creek Baptist Church

26041 Wolf Creek Road, Pass Christian, MS 228-255-6633


First Baptist Church

5202 Hancock Avenue Pearlington, MS 228-533-6030

New Hope Baptist Church

16288 Whites Road Pearlington, MS 228-533-7346


Church of Christ-Vancleave

11101 Hwy 57, Vancleave, MS 228-826-4949

Community of Christ

12205 Mt Pleasant Rd, Vancleave, MS 228-826-5150

First Pentecostal Church

10816 Hwy 47, Vancleave, MS 228-826-2910

Good Hope Baptist Church

9313 Jim Ramsey Road, Vancleave, MS 228-826-4386

Graceland Baptist Church

9317 Gautier-Vancleave Road, Vancleave MS 228-826-1791

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

4901 Jim Ramsey Road VANCLEAVE,MS 228-826-4250

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness

6517 Jim Ramsey Rd, Vancleave, MS 228-826-5141

Magnolia Baptist Church

2400 Magnolia Baptist Church Rd, Vancleave, MS 228-826-3880

New Light Baptist Church

5120 Burney Road, Vancleave, MS 228-826-3315

Pine Lake Baptist Church

16600 Highway 57, Vancleave, MS 228-826-2304

Vancleave Assembly of God

11109 Hwy 47 Vancleave, MS 228-826-1188

Vancleave United Methodist Church

13624 Hwy 57 VANCLEAVE,MS 228-826-3210


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

McLaurin Avenue, Waveland, MS 228-467-5009

First Assembly of God Church

1912 Arnold Street Waveland, MS 228-467-7667

First United Pentecostal Church

Old Spanish Trail, Waveland, MS 228-467-3575

Lutheran Church of the Pines

309 Hwy 90, Waveland, MS 228-467-6771

Mt Chapel Baptist Church

721 Herlilhy St, Waveland, MS 228-466-9829

St Claire’s Church

236 N Beach Blvd, Waveland, MS 228-467-9275

Triumphant Christian Center

304 Highway 90 Waveland, MS 228-466-5122

Word of Faith Christian Fellowship

103 Old Spanish Trail Waveland, MS 228-467-4488